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292 Lada
Nymburk, Central Bohemian Region, 289 13
Czech Republic

(+420) 325 531 111


Who we are

About our company

The Pepito s.r.o manufacturing facility is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic to deal with such a range of beef and pork fat processing.  Its main activity is thus processing animal fat and the production of meal from animal tissue (meat and Graves)

The process of production is linked to a control process, management and support processes, which include purchasing, procurement implementation, and implementation of internal audits.  We supply the resulting products to a whole series of local and foreign firms throughout the EU.  Our customers use them for production of feed, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, and in the engineering and chemical industries, to take just a few examples.

Our history

Pepito s.r.o was founded in 1994. From the start the company has employed exclusively qualified workers with rich experience in the field.  After several years of successful activity at the original site, an increase in the amount and quality of production came about in 2003, when the original manufacture of products from animal tissue was moved to a newly built complex in Nymburk.  This new facility has enabled us to better fulfill the needs and requirements of our trading partners.

Production technology

The modern, developing area of our firm includes complete production technology for the processing of animal fat and the production of meal from animal tissue, an expert laboratory, warehouses, cold stores and a company vehicle fleet. The quality of the equipment used is at a high level and meets the standards and requirements of EU legislation.

Last but not least it is important to us that the resulting high-quality product gets to thecustomer in time and without loss of quality during transport.  This is ensured by the use of our own means of transport, approved for the transport of raw materials of animal origin.  The transporters include cargo box trucks and tanker trucks.

Quality Policy

  1. The fundamental goal of the PEPITO company is to offer and implement its products in such a way that the customer gets quality raw materials at a fair price, and always has access to accurate, up-to-date information about delivery dates and options.  
  2. The aim of the company is to satisfy the demanding requirements of customers froma series of cosmetic and feed-producing chains for the highest quality raw materials, to in all cases ensure transport without errors, and to continuously monitor and evaluate the quality of supplies.
  3.  The PEPITO company wishes to be a significant player in the European Union market in the application of its products, not only in terms of quantity but also as a representative of long-term quality production.  Therefore it devotes increased attention to the maintenance and improvement of worker qualifications, and their periodic assessment, training and practice.
  4.  As a matter of course it is expected that all employees show a high level of behavior, with helpful and effective communication with the customers and suppliers of the company.
  5. Part of our quality system are suppliers and external workers, from whom we require proof of a high standard of collaboration, service and product quality.
  6. The leadership of the company expects its employees to actively fulfill their working duties, leading to the achievement of the goals of the organization and in this way meeting the requirements of this quality policy.  To this end the company leadership creates and provides full support.